Working together



Steven Roxburghe originally came from an Advertising background where he was Director of Marketing Communications for two Multi National US corporations; running their  European, African and The Middle Eastern operations.

From this experience he learned not only how to listen : take a brief and meet a deadline: but also to use his in built sense of style and creative talents together with  good financial prowess to be successful.

As a Decorator he has successfully built up a reputation over the past 18 years for an original eclectic style that sits well with clients in London: Montreux: Strasbourg: Chicago and Beirut : to name but a few -  his design has a timeless feel : his originality exciting: his attention to detail precise: creativity  inivitive - all giving him unique strengths that keep him constantly moving ahead and apart from design trends - to enjoy a classical longevity for his work.

Working Together

Our work is carried out on a very personal one to one basis.  Steven Roxburghe offers that unique personal service to all his clients on any size of project  so that the relationship encompasses a detail that makes our designs a reflection of your needs, likes and LOVES. 

There is of course a wide team of resources and very resourceful people who join our projects on a specialist one off  basis and who are the most respected in the business.

This formula is our secret ingredient from which we can offer that “Special Relationship”

design service.... and unlike the more famous “Special Relationship” which is banded about .....ours is an equal partnership! ..... where experience, combines together with a passion for something uniquely “you” to bring about a finished design that says ....

This is who I am!