Architectural design

Our knowledge of Architectural services is a key element of our business. Space planning and design of structures whether on a refurbishment project or a new build forms the core of our excellent interior finishes. Working on the premise of getting the important essential elements in place to create a perfect servicable fully working practicable design.


Forward planning is the secret of a smooth running project that starts on time with everything in place from the receipt of necessary permisssions throught the process of signed off plans and drawings to the pre ordering of key elements .

Starting on site with a formidable team of professionals all signed in to a fixed programme and time plan , will ensure a first class enjoyable creation that meets everyones expectations.


At Steven Roxburghe we control all aspects of the project, working with tried and tested companys with a proven track record in the industry.  Fully insured for the work they are undertaking.

Our Services

Design :  Concept drawings

                 Visuals and 3D designs

                 Plan drawings :

                 Planning/building permissions

                 Full Specifications

                 Design samples

                 Detailed Budget/finance planning

                 Project managment programme:

                 Weekly progress reports

                 Detailed Client Manual:

                 Contains all aspects of the project

                 future maintenance and warrent  issues